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Circuit-Bending, a Fun Way to Learn About Electronics

This month the SHARC Report looks at Circuit-Bending, the art of rewiring battery powered electronic devices to exploit their hidden potential.  I just finished my first album of circuit-bent music titled Um… Uh… Gum Eh?

front cover

Tin Can Luminary is John Hardin (KI6DGX) and Amy Gustin.  Here is the back cover:

fixed backwww

Here’s a couple of samples of the music on it:

I’ll be showing off some of my circuit-bent creations on Friday May 3rd from 5-9pm at the Hemp Connection in Garberville as part of Arts Alive.  Here’s a few of the devices I’ll bring out:

Here’s a few videos to help you make sense of the circuit-bent movement, and to get you started bending yourself:

Here’s Q Reed Ghazala’s piece, Hymn for the Faces of Belmez in it’s entirety:

Below is a good tutorial about how to add a pitch-bend knob to most electronic toys.    This is a very useful and easy modification:

The pitch resistor is usually labeled R1 on the circuit board.  You can also find the pitch resistor by touching it with your finger.  If the pitch of the toy changes when you touch it, you’ve got the right one.

Here’s the link to find the PAIA oscillator kit I described on the show:

Here’s a few circuit-bending links to explore:

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SHARC Report 3rd Anniversary; My Favorite Songes About Radio

This month for the third anniversary of the SHARC Report, I present a musical celebration of some of my favorite songs about radio.

KMUDOn This month’s show, which airs on the first Thursday of every month at 5pm on KMUD also available anytime at on the archive, you heard:

Peter Gabriel- On The Air

Bongwater- Great Radio

Daevid Allen’s Gong- Radio Gnome Invisible

Steely Dan- FM

Peter Gabriel- Signal to Noise

Godley and Creme- Get Well Soon

Next month the SHARC Report will air an update to last year’s show about Circuit Bending