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Be Prepared for Emergency With a “Go Bag”

Thursday August 7 at 5 PM, as part of KMUD’s Fire Awareness Month, the SHARC Report looks at “Go Bags.” Here in fire and earthquake country, you never know when you might have to evacuate your home, and you may only have minutes to pack. With a prepacked “Go Bag,” you know you’ve got the essentials, and you won’t forget them when you are under stress and time is short. On this month’s SHARC Report we’ll talk about “Go Bags”, and what you should keep in them so that you will have less to worry about in those stressful moments as you prepare to evacuate your home. Please tune in on Thursday Augest 7 at 5PM to learn about “Go Bags” on The SHARC Report. The SHARC Report is presented by the Southern Humboldt Amateur Radio Club in cooperation with KMUD Community Radio, and airs on the first Thursday of every month at 5pm on KMUD. Please support KMUD @


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The SHARC Report Now Available Online

You can now listen to, or download, past episodes of The SHARC Report:

The SHARC Report June 5 2014 Frank Letton Interview pt3

The SHARC Report May 1 2014 Frank Letton Interview pt 2

The SHARC Report April 3 2014 Frank Letton Interview pt 1

This Month The SHARC Report Visits the KM6TE Ham Shack

This month on The SHARC report we visit the Ham radio station of local Ham Jack Foster.

1 amateur radio station

This is a great station, but it’s not Jack’s

He talks about his station, why he enjoys ham radio, and how you can become a Ham too. The SHARC club will offer a free class to help interested people get their first Ham radio license. You can listen to The SHARc Report on the first Thursday of every month at 5pm on KMUD, Redwood Community Radio.


This Month’s Show includes interviews with Legendary Rock Music Soundmen

clip show

This month’s episode of The SHARC Report includes highlights from past shows, including excerpts of interviews with former Grateful Dead soundman Dan Healy, and music innovator Bob Heil, both talking about how Ham Radio influenced their lives and careers.  The show also includes excerpts of interviews with SHARC members Jack Foster KM6TE and Gary Welborn K6JXM.  The SHARC Report airs on the first Thursday of every month on KMUD.  You can listen live, or anytime on the KMUD archive which you can find at


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Circuit-Bending, a Fun Way to Learn About Electronics

This month the SHARC Report looks at Circuit-Bending, the art of rewiring battery powered electronic devices to exploit their hidden potential.  I just finished my first album of circuit-bent music titled Um… Uh… Gum Eh?

front cover

Tin Can Luminary is John Hardin (KI6DGX) and Amy Gustin.  Here is the back cover:

fixed backwww

Here’s a couple of samples of the music on it:

I’ll be showing off some of my circuit-bent creations on Friday May 3rd from 5-9pm at the Hemp Connection in Garberville as part of Arts Alive.  Here’s a few of the devices I’ll bring out:

Here’s a few videos to help you make sense of the circuit-bent movement, and to get you started bending yourself:

Here’s Q Reed Ghazala’s piece, Hymn for the Faces of Belmez in it’s entirety:

Below is a good tutorial about how to add a pitch-bend knob to most electronic toys.    This is a very useful and easy modification:

The pitch resistor is usually labeled R1 on the circuit board.  You can also find the pitch resistor by touching it with your finger.  If the pitch of the toy changes when you touch it, you’ve got the right one.

Here’s the link to find the PAIA oscillator kit I described on the show:

Here’s a few circuit-bending links to explore:

Listen to The SHARC Report on KMUD, Garberville on the first Thursday of every month at 5pm Pacific Time, or on the web, both streaming and archived, at

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Why We Enjoy Ham Radio


the SHARC club is now assembling a class to help anyone in the Southern Humboldt area get their first Ham radio license.  leave a comment with an email address at the end of this post if you are interested in taking this free course,

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More Circuit-Bending Stuff

More Circuit Bending Stuff

Alright, its only 12 days away from the CMKT4 Circuit Bending Workshop in Garberville, so I want to keep hyping it.  Here’s a video of circuit-bender, musician and instrument builder Tim Kaiser showing you how much fun you can have with a contact microphone, like the one you can build at the workshop.

Here Q Reed Ghazala, talks about circuit-bending, a term he coined.

Here Mike Patton of Mr Bungle talks about circuit-bending.

Here’s a demo of a circuit-bent Casio SA5.  I love the sound of this thing!

And some people get quite carried away with circuit-bending

Does this look like fun to you?  I hope I see you at the CMKT4 circuit-bending workshop on Monday, May 21 at the Veterans Hall in Garberville, potluck dinner at 5pm workshop starts at 6pm.  $15 workshop fee covers parts, supplies and instruction, and you will leave with a high quality contact microphone.

Finally, a circuit-bent Furby

Electrical Principles and Electronics Fundamentals

This month (April 2012) The SHARC Report covers the basics on electricity and electronics fundamentals, including most of what you need to know on the subject to get your Technician-Class Ham License

We also talked about the Southern Humboldt Emergency Preparedness Team’s most recent meeting.

The SHARC Club will offer a free course to help anyone in Southern Humboldt who wants to get their first Ham Radio license.  If you would like to sign up for this course, or want more information about it, call Jack Foster at 923-3700.


Wikipedia, Electricity

Elecrical Principles and Sound

The Energizer Bunny Talks Electricity

video about OHM’s Law

1945 film about Electrical Principles by GE

Welcome to the SHARC Report blog

The SHARC Report is a radio show all about radio, heard on the first Thursday of every month on KMUD Garberville, CA at 5pm pacific time.   The Southern Humboldt Amateur Radio Club presents The SHARC Report to encourage more people to take an interest in amateur radio.

The SHARC club maintains a two-meter repeater system serving all of Southern Humboldt County, with repeaters near Garberville (146.79MHz, 103.5 sub-audible tone), Shelter Cove (146.94Mhz, 103.5sub-audible tone) and at the Grasshopper Mountain fire tower (146.33MHz, 103.5 sub-audible tone).

The SHARC club meets on the air every Monday night at 7pm using the Garberville and Shelter Cove repeaters which are linked.

Please join us.

What is Ham Radio

History of Ham radio with Bob Heil and Joe Walsh