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Be Prepared for Emergency With a “Go Bag”

Thursday August 7 at 5 PM, as part of KMUD’s Fire Awareness Month, the SHARC Report looks at “Go Bags.” Here in fire and earthquake country, you never know when you might have to evacuate your home, and you may only have minutes to pack. With a prepacked “Go Bag,” you know you’ve got the essentials, and you won’t forget them when you are under stress and time is short. On this month’s SHARC Report we’ll talk about “Go Bags”, and what you should keep in them so that you will have less to worry about in those stressful moments as you prepare to evacuate your home. Please tune in on Thursday Augest 7 at 5PM to learn about “Go Bags” on The SHARC Report. The SHARC Report is presented by the Southern Humboldt Amateur Radio Club in cooperation with KMUD Community Radio, and airs on the first Thursday of every month at 5pm on KMUD. Please support KMUD @ http://www.kmud.org


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This Month on The SHARC Report, Linda Nellist talks about CERT Training



KMUD Airs Preview of Upcoming Disaster Prep Workshop

On Thursday March 7 at 5pm, KMUD and The Southern Humboldt Amateur Radio Club present The SHARC Report. This month the program features an interview with Linda Nellist, who will lead a CERT training workshop in the Whitethorn area on Friday-Sunday, March 8-10. Linda will talk about the workshop, which involves 23 hours of instruction, covering disaster preparedness, earthquake, tsunami, flood and fire hazards, medical operations and triage, among other topics. The training includes a full disaster simulation drill, and participants will receive a backpack full of safety equipment. Ordinarily the course fee is $150 dollars, but because of generous donations Southern Humboldt residents can take the course at no charge. To sign up for the CERT training workshop, call Judy Warren at 499-0754, Kent Griggsmiller at 986-7416 or Susie Fox at 986-7314. Tune in to The SHARC Report on the first Thursday of every month at 5pm on KMUD.


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The SHARC Report talks to Cheryl Anthony of the Shelter Cove VFD

This July 5 2012 at 5pm on KMUD, The SHARC Report presents an interview with Cheryl Anthony of the Shelter Cove Volunteer Fire Department, to talk about emergency response, disaster preparedness, and emergency communication in that rather remote corner of Humboldt County.

We’ll talk about some of the challenges that make this location unique for first responders and how to stay safe and be prepared in case of emergency while you enjoy your stay in this idyllic little seaside community.

Challenging terrain, earthquakes, wildfires and possible tsunamis all make Shelter Cove a challenging place for emergency responders.  we’ll talk about how the volunteers at the Shelter Cove VFD work to keep you safe while you enjoy your stay.

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